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I can't help but read the "pb" for protocol buffer as "peanut butter"

I'm some kind of moron. Had to delete and re-pull my master branch twice today because I accidentally merged some crap into it

Back in the USA as of yesterday. Got my first good night's sleep last night. 10/10, would recommend Iceland again.

Coworker and I had a sticker designing contest

@jon , have you ever seen Stone House Revival? It's all about renovations on 18th century farm house in Bucks County. Fascinating stuff.

This was a good work day

FAA certified temporary student pilot

@jon Is there an official press contact at WBDN? This guy I know from HanCinema reached out to me asking.

Monatauk Point Lighthouse

It's official! I'll be in Reykjavik for Gophercon EU this summer!

My favorite hammer and some of its pals

M/V Isla Bella, a two year old LNG powered container ship

I had a moment of panic today where, over slack, I tried to tell my coworker I had ordered a kebab wrap. But I didn't type that into the slack conversation with her. I wasn't sure if I had typed it into the Gophers slack, or an email to a client, or what.

Turns out it was in our channel.