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Two CSS propeties walk into a bar.

A barstool in a completely different bar falls over.

#programming #funny

New-to-me film camera + Portra 400

I managed to get one of the electric citibikes this morning! Made the uphill climb from first ave to Madison ave really nice!

what? they got ubuntu 18.04.2 now?

Well I read an article about DIY film developing yesterday, and I just ordered a camera on eBay today. Guess I'm diving in to this one.

(It's a Minolta X-700. I used to own one, back before it mysteriously disappeared from its case when I lived in a neighborhood that had a lot of break-ins.)

By noon, I'd created one of the four AWS email receipt rules I needed to create.

By 6:45, I'd created one of the four AWS receipt rules I needed to create, thoroughly read and understood the Terraform documentation on AWS SES receipt rules, and opened an issue against Terraform.

Ugly airplane Show more

@jon I thought we lost route66 for a moment.

In case it ever comes up, here's how you make Go send AWS requests through a SOCKS5 proxy:

I'm going cross-eyed over here trying to sort out data from a super noisy tank level sensor.

Orange: what it should be saying
Blue: what it's saying

Watching the Just For Func about the Go Execution Tracer

Moodica sorta works though!

I had a coworker who joked that it's good luck to wear tee shirts from failed companies you used to work for. It looks like a couple of my tee shirts just became lucky.

I spent my afternoon documenting a little-understood report processing pipeline at work. My eyes are going crossed.