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[a hamburger saying "The sky above the port was the color of a television, tuned to a dead channel"]

@jon Masto's heating up! How's Keybase?

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My schedule finally coincided with good flying weather!

(Photo credit: Kyle Botbyl CFI)

I learned today that if you have a lambda task that's supposed to process files when they land in S3, it's possible to upload files so quickly that Lambda can't keep up. If you exceed 1000 current executions, Lambda will refuse to put up with your shit any more.

Had some airplane time on Sunday, but had to cancel the flight because of a potential problem with the fuel system. They had a mechanic check it out and determined it was okay, but still better safe than sorry.

Playing with Hunter Loftis's Path-tracing rendering engine while I work today:

30 second render time vs 15 minute render time

Pretty good view of the action tonight

Updated! Now with more pictures!

Hey guess who forgot the difference between

make([]byte, 4096)


make([]byte, 0, 4096)

and therefore deployed a binary on two ships that's causing them to prepend data files with 4KB of zeros, wasting 11.5MB/month!

Video game update: I didn't last night. I watched Arrested Development with a cat snuggled into my chest instead.

Oh man speaking of video games, do any of y'all remember Gran Turismo 4? How you had to pass a series of licensing tests before the race car video game let you drive race cars? Wow was that ever annoying. I remember one test, you had to pass these two cars in a set period of time. I could never manage it. But I did work out that I could cut across a big portion of the track and time it *just right* that the lead car would slam into me and incur a penalty, and I'd be in the lead by default.

But tonight I'm going to play some more Skyrim!

Not now, obviously. I'm still at work.