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M/V Isla Bella, a two year old LNG powered container ship

I had a moment of panic today where, over slack, I tried to tell my coworker I had ordered a kebab wrap. But I didn't type that into the slack conversation with her. I wasn't sure if I had typed it into the Gophers slack, or an email to a client, or what.

Turns out it was in our channel.

My favorite kind of alarm is the kind that solves itself.

@jon Do your remember Aaron Glick from DF? The more I think about him, the more familiar his name is, but I can't remember interacting with him.

I just got my first AWS Lambda function into production! (technically just in our QA environment, but it works!)

I've decided it was time to set facebook as in my etc/hosts file

I threw together a quick and dirty visualization of the paths of all of the ships we track.

Submitted a talk to Should I do the same for

I also feel bad because I accidentally kicked a bomb-sniffing dog in the nose. I didn't see it coming, and it sniffed its way right into my foot.

I just flew in from San Jose and BOY ARE MY ARMS TIRED