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I had a coworker who joked that it's good luck to wear tee shirts from failed companies you used to work for. It looks like a couple of my tee shirts just became lucky.

I spent my afternoon documenting a little-understood report processing pipeline at work. My eyes are going crossed.

"good riddance" is all I have to say about Google+

`git commit --amend` is how you change a commit message.

`git commit -ammend` commits all uncommitted files with the commit message "mend".

It's a Coast Guard kind of morning


bel () {
eval $@
echo "\a"

Guess what! If you have some long-running process running already (say, downloading files from S3 and processing each one), you can use Ctrl+Z to suspend that process, then run

$ bel fg

And that will ding when the process completes!

Remember how I took down prod with a bad DB update yesterday? It looks like prod would have been broken ANYWAY because the user creation tool does the exact same thing!

Who has two thumbs and just overwrote the `password` column in the prod database? This guy!

Also the Alamo rental car place at the Jacksonville airport has the most bonkers managers' specials. Full sized pickup with 4wd for the price of an economy car.

So naturally I found a state park where you can drive on the beach.

M/V Isla Bella was my office this morning

Nice place you got here, @cameron

My office building is doing some renovations, someone made some poorly considered decisions, and now the shortest path from the elevators to my office cuts through the men's restroom.

We have this elaborate system for performing calculations and deriving values for things on ships. I documented one group of calc funcs here. It's nasty.

It's cat picture o'clock!

Jon I would describe myself as "sorry not sorry" for wasting disk space on your server with these crap toots.