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Jon Wear

@Alastair I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to run this site. It's not getting as much traction as I'd hoped.

@Alastair Hello my friend. How's things?

Haven't posted in a month. Welp there goes that streak.

@agocs Never put it down completely. But yeah, we have several repos in prod in Go now. And we're on python 3 now.

Oculus Quest is amazing.

@agocs what if I just blew the whole thing away and started from scratch, only this time I made sure that I kept up with upgrades.

@agocs I think it wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't waited so long btwn upgrades.

@agocs I think I’m going to keep running this. If only for the principle of it. I need to upgrade it though and right now I’m not sure how to do that without blasting the current DB. I can always snapshot, but, not sure the path forward for upgrade yet.

@agocs Aye, through the end of the year.

@agocs But I worked so hard to link my ID here ;)

But yeah, maybe there's no point.

@agocs What do you think we should do with this? By this I mean the route66?

Pull ups done and slowly creeping my rating back up. With a glass of wine no less!

Took a 3 month break from pull ups. So much weaker. But didn’t lose all of it.

1100 blitz for the first time! Woot!

I didn’t really identify as a gen x’er until I realized that none of the younger people got my cultural references.