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Jon Wear

@agocs But I worked so hard to link my ID here ;)

But yeah, maybe there's no point.

@agocs What do you think we should do with this? By this I mean the route66?

Pull ups done and slowly creeping my rating back up. With a glass of wine no less!

Took a 3 month break from pull ups. So much weaker. But didn’t lose all of it.

1100 blitz for the first time! Woot!

I didn’t really identify as a gen x’er until I realized that none of the younger people got my cultural references.

I’m a simple man. A couple of red lagers and some cheesesteak egg rolls is an amazing experience. Solomon is all his glory would be jealous.

Finally broke 1000 on blitz chess.

Eric Rosen's advice of just play simple defensive moves. At this level of play just wait for the blunders to happen, and then take hanging pieces.

The kindle fire 7 is remarkable given the price.

On move 18 I think, there's no way he can put me in check. On move 18 he puts me in check.

The best game of chess I've played in a long time:

He’s 118 and still playing with that R/C car.

@agocs I'm still not sure how to upgrade. I just need to take some time to snapshot the instance and experiment. If it doesn't work just go back to what I have.

@cameron the instance is back up (assuming that you noticed it was down)

Stay thirsty my friends.

I bought a video game on Steam for the first time in forever....FireWatch was onsale.