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Jon Wear

He’s 118 and still playing with that R/C car.

@agocs I'm still not sure how to upgrade. I just need to take some time to snapshot the instance and experiment. If it doesn't work just go back to what I have.

@cameron the instance is back up (assuming that you noticed it was down)

Stay thirsty my friends.

I bought a video game on Steam for the first time in forever....FireWatch was onsale.

This almost never happens to me in a chess game, especially blitz.

This person thought it would be funny to rack up the queens and make me lose on time...and they ended up with a stalemate....😂

@agocs I swear I'm going to do this at some point. 2019 has proven to be quite ambitious so far.

Getting back into chess again. Also need to devote time to upgrade this gosh dang mastodon instance.

@agocs haven’t tried yet. But happy 2019 to you!

@agocs I did look at that. But my install has no live directory. I may just snapshot the disk and give it a whirl. If it crashes I’ll restore.

I think what I do is check the get checkout to the version I want to upgrade to, and then run:

1) docker-compose run --rm web rails db:migrate
2) docker-compose run --rm web rails assets:precompile

@agocs does that make sense to you?

I have no idea how to go about upgrading this mastodon instance.

Another pull-up night has come and gone. Whew.

Listening to Paul's Boutique. I should have given this album more time back in the day.