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Jon Wear

Looking through every trick and circling the interesting ones. Most of them are really dated.

@agocs convos with you a great. 😃 Just haven't been able to get many others to see the light.

@Alison sadly, not really. It's mainly me and @agocs

Keurig coffee is terrible.

It's Privacy Policy Email Update Day!

@agocs Have not seen it. I imagine it is pretty cool given what I'm learning about a house built in 1900.

@aperezdc @sir It's also possible that google has some unique problem spaces to solve, and by making existing open source projects suit their needs, they make it less useful to others. Their employees contribute a lot open source projects. Granted it's mostly their open source, but it's still open source. My point is there may be perfectly rational reasons for why google does what they do that benefit them AND the community.

6 pull ups tonight. Almost 7 but that last one was not legit. Maybe next time.

@agocs me flying with you is fine. It's me taking lessons she doesn't like.

@agocs My cousin is a pilot for Frontier. He's been a pilot for a few airlines and flew helos in the army. He's also a certified instructor. Says I can take lessons if I want. And I do want to...just...good ol' time. And plus he's a working pilot and doesn't spend time sitting around remote airstrips.

"Tangent but:
I live in SoCal, and I can't get my head around the car culture mentality. Of all the places that should be walkable, one that is 80 degrees and sunny 90% of the entire year should rank very high on the list. But nooo.... the walkable cities are in places that get run over by a glacier every six months. Go figure."

I'm probably wasting time, but I can't make myself learn mocking frameworks. I always roll my own. And they work.

I think my fear is, I'll put a lot of time into learning a mocking framework only to discover it doesn't work for me and I'll have to write my own or switch to another.

I'm also probably wrong.