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Jon Wear

And now I'm trying to find a USB big info to install from there. Along time ago I x2 Windows and OSX and...well, I wish I hadn't done that. But I have it all on Time Machine so I think I'll be okay.

Personal laptop is currently in “Internet Recovery Mode”.

5 years at WBDL f.k.a DramaFever.

@agocs I uh...did something dumb. Like I forgot to restart nginx. smh facepalm all that stuff

Pull up night. I hate pull up night. Until after I’m done. Then I like it a lot.

It’s fun to get away.

@agocs poconos with some old friends.

That surreal Friday before you go on vacay for a week...

@startuplab I made a few rss feeds myself and made the mastodon bots.

@agocs it's weird that we're going to have dramafever email for a long time yet.

@agocs DCU and BOOM are going strong!

The more things change...

Finally got my blog on https.

@timmymac my “office” is similar. Concrete basement floor. Folding table and a pull up bar.

Too late to start the upgrade now. Maybe another night.

i'm going to update route66 to the newest mastadon version sometime @agocs we might not be able to trade likes for a bit ;)

@agocs It was decent. Prolly gonna do gotham Go next year.