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Jon Wear

Another pull-up night has come and gone. Whew.

Listening to Paul's Boutique. I should have given this album more time back in the day.

And now I'm trying to find a USB big info to install from there. Along time ago I x2 Windows and OSX and...well, I wish I hadn't done that. But I have it all on Time Machine so I think I'll be okay.

Personal laptop is currently in “Internet Recovery Mode”.

5 years at WBDL f.k.a DramaFever.

Pull up night. I hate pull up night. Until after I’m done. Then I like it a lot.

It’s fun to get away.

That surreal Friday before you go on vacay for a week...

The more things change...

Finally got my blog on https.

Too late to start the upgrade now. Maybe another night.

i'm going to update route66 to the newest mastadon version sometime @agocs we might not be able to trade likes for a bit ;)

In Denver @ GopherCon Machine learning workshop.

"Forget War and Peace—nothing could be as uninteresting as 99 percent of the stuff people post online. "

Lillian and I escaped the room.

Most tutorials for the top shot consist of two steps:

1 hold the cards this way.
2 do the stop shot.