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Jon Wear

Trains are great. I’d rather have trains than self driving cars. But that’s only if I had to choose. I’ll take both if I can get ‘em.

Really liking the no ads on this.

Another late night in NYC. @agocs I'll get you next time.

I have a daily reminder setup that says, "Pizza makes you feel sick". But really it just reminds me how much I like pizza.

Taking the time to learn the Short cuts of your ide sure can be a time saver.

It's been tough getting home.

Thinking about starting a YouTube channel about the history of paper clips. Maybe not that. But something.

I like big fonts, I cannot lie.

5 in the House. 3 have gotten over the flu. 1 has it now. 1 to go.

My three year streak of no illness comes to an end. The flu has descended upon my house. I have succumbed.

Ah, late night coding...

I haven't forgotten about the dear old route 66, just had other projects to tend to.

A night at the museum of art.

Also L finished book 7 of HP.

No pull ups today. But lots of card magic.

Still only managed 3 pullups tonight. Maybe I'll get 4 next time.

3 pull ups last night. Not much but way more than 0.