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Jon Wear

At bar. Listening to Irish man explain baseball to visitor from Germany. America at its best.

Anybody read Red Mars by Kim Robinson?

After 3 days of working on the top palm, I'm finally to the point where I can move the card to the wrong position, which according to others means I'm about 2-3 months away from being able to do it correctly and consistently.

My fat thumb is making the one handed top palm...difficult.

Sorry about the SSL snafu. We're all updated now.

@agocs did you ever talk to Paddy about mastodon?

Also are you going to GopherCon this year?

Watching old card magic DVDs is boring. But always , always there are 2 or 3 moments of Wow. And you've learned some little variation that helps so much. Despite the bad music , outfits and CGI intros.

Dang Spotify! You can't play Huey Lewis right after Led Zeppelin. That ain't right.

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I wish this wasn't written in Ruby so I could hack on it more and make the new-user experience better.

And they even mention Mastodon at the bottom of the article.

Trains are great. I’d rather have trains than self driving cars. But that’s only if I had to choose. I’ll take both if I can get ‘em.

Really liking the no ads on this.

Another late night in NYC. @agocs I'll get you next time.

I have a daily reminder setup that says, "Pizza makes you feel sick". But really it just reminds me how much I like pizza.

Taking the time to learn the Short cuts of your ide sure can be a time saver.